BMW – century of property

BMW – century of property

In the 2012th year vsedorozhnik from the German autoconcern blocked significant sector of demand of Russians on cars of brand of BMW: every 2nd Russian visited BMW motor show specifically in search of that option of the car. And in brand new year the company will note the century with more than significant furore in Russian market: here BMW could build the network of realisation of own cars second in the world, conceding on scope only to the sales made in the USA.

The main mechanisms of work of a car of the company – only "German" properties: invariable exact control over made production, harmonious work of all professionals and incessant introduction of leading technologies which will allow to keep in the market of the most severe competition. In BMW save up the reputation which should be on the ball on each sale of the car. Production of this brand embodies itself reliability, convenience, high-quality design, pleasure from the driving. To test these advantages on for itself the unique visit to BMW motor show where it is possible not only to get only the car (both absolutely new, and already old will help, is dependent on your preferences and a monetary solvency) and to carry out checkup of the car or to repair details and units.

The dealer network of the company in the Russian Federation already long since exceeded 60 authorised representatives of BMW. Our homeland comes in 10-ku the most large markets. Dynamics of its development essentially surpasses the European characteristics. And last year for Russian consumers the company presented a number of novelties of a modelling autonumber of BMW: BMW of the 7th series, i8 Concept Spydеr BMW, X6 BMW M. On level of comfort, dynamism, property of performance these cars debuting in the Russian Federation market, are almost the best BMW during the era in the world.

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