The increase in a vehicle tax for expensive cars

approaches The increase in a vehicle tax for expensive cars
Since the beginning of the current year owners of the hardware which price is higher than 3 million rubles, should pay the increased rate of a vehicle tax. Though, yet the list of such cars still is not prepared, it is expected that the list of the import cars which are considered as luxury, will manage to seem not earlier than the beginning of March of this year.
Let’s remind that the final size of a tax on transport for expensive cars will depend on that indicator, as age of the car. For the hardware which are estimated with 3 to 5 million Russian rubles and having age least the 1st year, the raising factor which will make 1,5 will be used.
For a car age from a year to 2, the similar factor will be equated 1,3, and for cars of more starenky? 1,1.

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