Corolla Toyota

Corolla Toyota
Not once beating all records on sales "Toyeta Korolla" in the tenth generation remains all to that available, usual and reserved car. But it perfectly is defined in the general stream of a city individual transport.

At all this find out the well-known car car owner not very guided at all in modern brands can, at the first look on headlights and a bumper – on Corolla Toyota the special glasses of headlights corresponding for some other the Toyota models are established. And in careful and harmonious tenth generation this brand confirmed again the with appointment – the ordinary home car.

Here the capacious luggage department, in 450 l is provided. volume. The place itself can be developped also, having combined the elements of a back of chairs of a back row calculated on it. The salon in this car quite spacious, but too rather reserved – for example, very much to the tallest passenger here can be uncomfortable. But the sofa here is made with all care – it myagenkiya, and in chairs of a back row with all comfort two adults and one small passenger will be arranged, for example. In a driver’s chair mechanical comfortable adjustment is provided.

In salon of a car logical, effective climate control works also, for convenience of drivers small taynichka are integrated into panels. On the road the car keeps simply, surely, the consumption of fuel is quite economical.

As to technical lines, they rather reserved. For example, on city streets the car feels very measuredly, but it is obvious the car not to races, and for trips п to the schedule: hundred-kilometre dispersal «Toyota the Corolla X» a beret practically in 12 seconds. The cursor most impressing it achieves capacity to the 124th h.p. Working volumes for the motor of the models presented in the Russian market, are established in V 1,6 and 1,3 litres.

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