Lada Granta – on a top of popularity

Lada Granta – on a top of popularity
«Lada Granta» amuses all own admirers – on the statistics brought for last May 2013, this car with a significant separation headed a rating of more necessary and favourite models in the Russian Federation.

Taking in attention a fashion on this car, it is logical that according to the LADA Sport company decision scale of autoenamels which is applied when colouring the civilian version of sports model of a car of "Lada Granta", decided to expand essentially. This updating planned for the eighth month of this year, but August decided not to expect. Painted in innovative Lada Granta colours will leave on the market already at first July 2013.

From this month fans will manage to choose between flowers: "wrestling" (it is a grey-silvery metallic), "diplomat" (a metallic of pigeons), "port" (a black colour red), "persy" (a metallic dark blue), "Venus" and "guelder-rose" (a reddish metallic), "space" (a metallic dark), bluish "glacial", «a white cloud», a dark blue-grey metallic of "grant".

To sell this model began in April. On a choice to the buyer offered the cars working at a cursor in 120 horsepowers. Next year firm the producer will increase capacity of the impellent unit

«LADA Granta Sports» on 15 hp.

Russian car owners in May of this year got nearly 14,5 тыщ cars under this imenovaniye. If to compare with the same month of last year, realisation increased practically for 50 percent, but a little (for 7,2 percent) went down if to compare with April of the current year.

Nevertheless, the rating of the most necessary car in the Russian Federation is obedient as before specifically by this model. On the second place after the favourite there was «Hyundai Solaris» car. It is curious that for a year of loudspeaker of sales of this car practical did not exchange.

On the third position in the three of the most favourite cars in May there was a KIA Rio model. The five was closed by «Renault Duster» which «Volkswagen Polo» lagged behind.

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