Daewoo in ancient and brand new year

Daewoo in ancient and brand new year
It was necessary to wait nearly a few months before departure on Russian car market of the latest model from the Uz Daewoo company which plans to amuse fans of this brand by the newest car of a golf class. The company from Uzbekistan will adhere to the most limited direction of price policy. As to technical characteristics of future novelty, it is expected that in the car cursors in volume in 1,8 and 1,6 litres will be established. All another is not taken out yet on public.

As to quotations, last year Uz Daewoo established a small record on sales of cars of mass brands. Average cost of each car of this producer realised in the 2012th year, makes is sensitive more than 9 and a half тыщ dollars. This company appeared the unique producer in the Russian Federation which sold the production, holding the prices in "ten" borders. At all this the company got to 10 best producers according to growth characteristics in comparison to the similar period of previous 2012. The Nexia model became the seventh in the middle of import cars, and «Matiz» lagged behind it on eight positions.

Summing up on sales for the beginning of new, 2013th year, it should be noted that in January the company sold more than 3 and a half тыщ to "Nexia", also nearly 2 200 subcompacts. Brand new model from Uz-Daewoo autoconcern, it is not excluded, becomes perelitsovanny in a new way the version of one of concern cars "General Motors" into which structure the company from Uzbekistan comes. It is meant that the Chevrolet Lacetti model will be chosen. Not including this novelty, fans of Russian car market should get accustomed and up the time of an exit of the refreshed Nexia car. In it there will be long ago expected safety cushions, an anti-blocking complex of system of braking, the system of the stabilisation fulfilled and the refreshed operating column.

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