Mercedes-benz Vito – yesterday and now

Mercedes-benz Vito – yesterday and now
Mercedes-benz Vito — the car of passenger-and-freight mission, a minivan, a commercial van of the overestimated comfort on the W638 platform. This Mercedes-benz – the 1st in so called V-class. Vito Mercedes-benz history in 1995 began. That year in the Spanish small town of Vitoria the DaimlerChrysler company started creation of the compact Vito truck. The let-out car very well "got accustomed" in sector «office on wheels», also as the house minivan and in the 1996th year was appropriated to it an autotitle «Best Van of Year». There are two main versions of Vito – the all-metal van, the greatest loading capacity of 925 kg and the bus into 9 passenger seats which loading capacity makes 740 kg. The capacity of diesel cursors makes 79 and 98 h.p., petrol – 129 and 143 h.p. respectively.
A year later в1996 on the Geneva motor show the comfortable versatile person 1st in a class V on the basis of the Vito truck was presented to year. For ensuring the overestimated comfort in a back suspension bracket twisted springs were changed to pneumoelements, salon sound insulation was improved, "exterior" became more nice – pendant details were added – after all to throw the car without external fine furnish is all the same that plinths to the flat not to establish – there is no finished look, and after all the passenger car should look effectively and elegantly. In other words the motor van after modernisation kept the initial characteristics, but to them additional pluses in the form of the overestimated comfort were added. In a year this improved car arrived in bulk selling, and in 1998 on their steel to establish diesel cursors of CDI with special system Common Rail (features – in supply of fuel), the car salon was optimised.
For production of new Vito the production site in the same city of Vitoria in Spain was considerably increased. In the latest Vito version zadneprivodny, it is distinguished from the previous version by longitudinal placement of a box and the motor. The car is equipped with the whole set of electric systems – automatic adjustment of dynamics, ASR, system of a rassredotachivaniye of forces brake, Abs and system of braking critical on the basis of hydraulics. It is made for this purpose to exclude possibility of drifts. Modern belts enter into a basic complete set дял all passengers, for belts natyazhitel are established – this function is available to the driver and the passenger of a face-to-face seat, a polnoobjyomny safety cushion, the central lock, electrowindow regulators, system of adjustment of a wheel, heating of mirrors, CD changer. On a choice of buyers 5 cursors – petrol and diesel – Euro-4 standard are offered. 6-speed MKPP comes into a basic complete set. By the way, the box is executed according to fashionable tendencies – armed with the joystick заместо the lever, and a reverse gear simply so not to include – it is armed with a ring on the lever which first needs to be raised, and already later to include the transfer, so called «protection against the fool» Eventually all wheels of Vito have an independent suspension bracket.
It is possible to say more many about Vito, one essentially – if you will make a choice for this car, you about it cannot tell anything printsipno disgusting, it seems, you thought out. If you wish to go to a campaign lasting many days – not discrepancy (in the car it is possible is weakened to go to bed several person). And if upward to establish a luggage carrier – it is simply possible to transport are great, build materials – plinths, beacons, other cargoes which will be not included into salon, directly to six-metre kayaks. We want to you fate and pleasant trips with Vito!

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