Gazelle of Next

Gazelle of Next
In the newest design of "Gazelle" the manufacturing plant enclosed much – 5 billion rubles. The usual, economical, small truck far not to a descent went to severe development and reached an assembly stream. Producers feared that their brand new model will not sustain the competition to the imported analogues, almost without having missed very important detail: they will be very much and very much are not cheap.

Russians as a result received our "polutorka" of the latest version. It is curious that for the car the Gazelle of Next cost appeared on only 18 тыщ rubles higher, than for the car predecessor. It is the same frame ordinary car which will perfectly be entered in our difficult conditions of driving and repair.

What will we see at fluent survey of the Gazelle of Next? In the car excellent visibility because designers developped the area of a glazing, headlights are transferred above: it will save them from consequences of small collisions. For more severe troubles on roads the compound design of a bumper – if suddenly that is provided, spare parts are on sale not in a set, and separately.

In model there were new plastic elements. These are wings and an element to which fasten a bumper, headlights, a radiator. Here the refreshed forward suspension bracket, a cargo platform, and that essentially, the imported fixing element of brake hoses and conducting. The brake system is calculated on run from 30 to 40 тыщ by km, it more effective and strong. A back suspension bracket in the car as a whole did not change – small completions it is not counted.

But to a box from dorabotchik got seriously. All remember, how on the 50th tyshche km ceased to get the idea transfers. Now the secondary shaft of a box is provided with the high-quality imported bearings, and at theoretical level discrepancy should be resolved. Vobshchem to check it fans of the Gazelle will manage.

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