Sale бу tyres – the business maintaining even crisis

Sale бу tyres – the business maintaining even crisis
From all options of opening of own business business on buying up of "beushny" tyres, their reconstruction and realisation is nearly the most profitable. And quite troublesome. How to "reanimate" tyres? The sense that the new protector is first of all vulcanized, and is already welded then on wheel frameworks at eshcheboly a low temperature mode, than usually. Further the temperature about 1000 degrees on Celsius to exclude repeated curing is exposed… About a technical aspect of a question there is strongly a lot of material – to whom curiously, that will find.

But despite of the party of a question difficult by a techno having passed down the street by all means you will notice a type sign a la sale бу tyres – in Moscow these signs dazzle practically through everyone metres 200. Means, truly business is worthy of it, that for it to undertake and earn. Financial benefit is available. Let’s take conditional numbers – I buy the "killed" wheel for 250 rubles (market cost of the new – 500 rubles), in I sell it for 400 rubles. It is not simple numbers about ceilings – selling cost of the "updated" wheel only for 20-30 % differs from market price of a wheel new. And the refreshed protector practically does not concede on quality to new autotyres, and manages to the buyer on the third part cheaper.

No matter what transport company will say to you that they fine save up on бу tyres, after all their costs for rubber are truly placed on the 2nd line of charts of costs after fuel. We draw a conclusion – sale бу tyres in Moscow – a sure version of business, after all the quantity number of cars grows, this market does not go down even during crisis time, and means, invariable orders are guaranteed. How to begin? Find a room with comfortable access ways. It is necessary to take the equipment in leasing further, to employ to start two masters. It is necessary to find second-hand tyres which will give you in the majority of workshops gratuitously or for symbolical cost further. And – forward, restore tyres and sell them! Do not forget about advertising – the newspapers directed on a certain subject and magazines (a car a subject) and if will make own website in the Web – it will be simply magnificent.

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