New heel

New heel
Cars of passenger furgonny type do конкурентнсть to type cars the car or a hatchback, start up, and concede to the last technical and external lines. It does not prevent the family car to hold the place in the market and to use huge demand. After all autoconcerns yet did not invent more economic and high-quality car. Long time all cars were designed on one type. Specialists took two various parts of 2 various cars. From the car took a forward part on which welded a cargo compartment. For that corresponding and unique design of a car in the people christened "heel".
Everything exchanged in 1996. The recognizable autoconcern Citroen was the first which let out the car not altered, and to a descent the integral. Model used specially for commercial purposes, the model is capable to do any put functions and problems. They differed from "heels" not only only external indicators and and technical lines. From former model they received only the peculiar title. "Partner” car достигнул boom of popularity, and the thought of the heel car was taken for base of other cars. In some years in the market there were new competitive autoconcerns, for example the company of Renault let out "Kangoo Renault". Then the company Ford showed the model. Models did not repeat the friend to the friend. Each autoconcern tried to bring in the car something new. All companies adhered to the general technical fig. The car is issued in 2 various designs – cargo with lack of a back passenger seat, or the versatile person. Cursor quite economical.
The car is created for economic leisure. They are appreciated by unpretentiousness and reliability. All models have spacious and transforming salon that does them not substitution for transportation not only only cargoes of the big sizes, and and people. The car also can simply translate any furniture, for example coffee tables or cases. Cars of this type are not exacting to roads and fuel, they can pass to 1000 km without filling. The unique minus it is possible to call sound insulation, but it in any way will not prevent comfort of a trip. Experts call car salon tasteless as dverka are covered with a snow-white otbivka, and plastic which is used in the car the bad. But, as you changed from own car on "heel" it is not necessary to get used to the latest landing and an inclination the managing director of system, everything remained to constants. The car in recent years changed only appearance, technical properties did not exchange absolutely. For certain, the 1st модели were the most successful, and specialists decided to change nothing in them. the 1st models let out in Italy, but now assembly of cars becomes in Turkey. Formally to Russia deliver only compact and economic models. But, the Citroen company, makes a car with heating of mirrors and the central key system. You can order and other functions, but believe, their list is not great.
The Partnert Tepee model is completely the latest in the middle of this model range. They are larger and are constructed on the latest platform. A driver’s place not such as at the car, here more off-road landing. A wheel more inclined, than at starenky models, and pedals are placed enough низковато. On the 1st look even it will cause discomfort in the most experienced drivers. But, the car will amuse passengers, it more myagenky. Seats comfortable, and interior spacious. There was more empty seat for feet.

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