To motorists: news-2013

To motorists: news-2013
What will bring the come year to motorists? Legislators do not sleep and reflect about them quite often. And one of new thoughts: to expand the list of penalties, to punish and for excess of average speed. Calculation on punishing the driver who did not keep within a framework of the allowed speed outside of video surveillance. After all often drivers know, where them «секут», in advance brake, and having passed the chamber, are again dispersed. Ignoring a saying that is not caught — not the thief, deputies write down in violators and such drivers and suggest them to fine.

It is necessary to realise, as it can be realised. Let’s take the road Moscow — St. Petersburg. If to observe high-speed restrictions, the way will take about eight hours. The chamber will note, when you left Moscow, and then precisely arrival to St. Petersburg also will be traced. If you reached for essentially smallest time, than eight hours, means, you here and there broke a high-speed mode though videos about it are not present. To avoid responsibility for these and other violations the autoinstructor will help with Moscow. In such proposal of deputies there is a logic though it can be stipulated. From a technical aspect to embody thought hard. Though there is also a back: after all in the same way it is possible to count guilty and those who prevents you to go the every greatest speed, in other words those who did not manage to organise usual movement on the road.

Other innovation-2013. The capital government thinks of recruitment of personal investors to construction of the road duplicating Kutuzovsky Avenue. But in that case the brand new road crossing MKAD and reaching to "Moscow City" (in total more than 10 km), becomes paid.

Subsequent news: the big transport knot with separate platforms for passenger changes and comfortable crosswalks should seem at Kuntsevskaya metro station. Nearby, повдоль Moldavskaya Street, over the land line of the underground, the multilevel parking (more тыщи places) will settle down.

In projects and an intercepting parking over a part of an outcome of Rublyovskoye Highway (about three hundred places). Temporary experiment on use of paid parkings in Moscow is already declared by the lifelong. The Muscovites living in a pilot zone of the project, can get subscriptions on such parking lots at preferential prices. As before there are categories of the population to which the free parking during the whole day or a night is available. In the come year a zone of act of experience will expand.

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