About the company of the Car Alliance

About the company of the Car Alliance
The company of the Car Alliance practises on small wholesale and wholesale trade of a car in spare parts for cars the Muscovite, Gas, VAZ, Tavriya, also, cars of production of the states of the CIS. The company offers our partners very profitable conditions of cooperation which consist in delivery of a car of spare parts, as required which can change or return the company. Discounts for invariable clients and a delay of payment or design of purchase on credit are also provided. Using priklnny ways, the company gives the chance to the partners to compete adequately in the market of a car of spare parts. Perfectly to be engaged in sales and to increase growth of the income. The Car company – the Union intensively co-operates with manufacturers of cars and a car of spare parts, also distributors. Delivery of a car of spare parts for invariable clients and partners – is free. The company co-operates with 100 and a car shops. The product range is quite great. Cars of the spare part are offered, both Russian and Ukrainian producers, and zabugorny avtoindent.ru dealers. In total production is certificated and has a property guarantee. Official representatives of Russian company "Trek", the Ukrainian company "Alpha" establish the prices for the production essentially more competitive, than the zabugorny companies. In the range of the company of the Car Alliance a wide choice of hermetics, brake shoes, the pumps, operating tips, bearings, electro gasoline pumps and many other.
The car Alliance always has in spare part existence to the URALS, ZIL, KRAZ, MAZ, KAMAZ and automobile cars UAZ, VAZ and others. Also in existence always a wide choice of spare parts on a tractor, a cursor on KAMAZ, YaMZ, ZIL, TMZ, VAZ, also details for a special equipment and import cars. The car – the Union, provides a wide choice of accompanying materials, accessories, tools, tyres, disks and chemistry for the car. In the market of granting products for cars, the company took a strong position, but to stop on reached the company does not gather, and continues to expand the range of a car of spare parts, both Russian, and zabugorny producers. Also the enterprise intensively enters the marketing company and demonstrative platforms. Skilled employees of the company, can render you service in car purchase by instalments or the credit. Can change your car for other pleasant model. Also the help is carried out, at sale of your car and if it is necessary greatly will execute face lifting.
If you decided to realise own car, you can safely address for the help in the Car Alliance where professional employees will perform all preparatory work for you. And it is concrete: will prepare all necessary documents, will make exit demonstration of your car, also will make small face lifting, as required and your consent on its carrying out. You can not worry at all for safety of own car, it will be under reliable protection. For wishing to get the car specially trained employees of the company will make demonstration of the pleasant car with neotklonimy departure, prompt preparation and paperwork, including car check on stealing, check of year of release of the car and diagnostics full of a techno with examination of a covering of a body of the car. A wide experience of work of the company and, harmonious work of experts guarantee furore in implementation though to what operation connected with purchase or car sale. Exhibition platforms very profitably also are remarkably looked through, because settle down usually at the road where passes a big steam of cars.

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