Network motor shows of AVTOGERMES

Network motor shows of AVTOGERMES
Professionalism, the highest quality of service and maintenance since 1997 is a base of business reputation of a capital network motor shows of "AVTOGERMES" which takes leading positions in an extent of all of years of work on a car market of Moscow and Moscow area.

In salons of the company sale from the producer and high-quality service of cars becomes. The network of AVTOGERMES salons is made by official dealers "UAZ" and "AvtoVAZ", the company for this day is presented by 14 dealer centres and one centre of high-quality body repair which can be found in various vicinities and the districts of Moscow.

Not including that, "AVTOGERMES" performs all works and renders all services concerning operation and acquisition of new cars of producers of "Kia", «Suzuki», «Hyundai», «Ford», «Citroen», «Renault», «FIAT», «LADA», «Ssang Yong», «Daewoo», «UAZ», «Great–Wall».

The companies are what to offer the clients – here not only only cars are on sale and under repair and high-quality, unique auto parts are on sale. The range of this production realised through a network of the company, makes more than 10 million names. Sale becomes from existence in shops and by personal orders, at retail and wholesale parties. Where specifically you will get the necessary spare parts, you can find – in Moscow some shops of auto parts work, and you simply find the most successful to you option.

In the AVTOGERMES network official dealers of JSC AvtoVAZ І categories in the Capital region work. Therefore the choice of cars "VAZ" here is presented in particular extensively. Now buyers are interested most of all by cars «in Lada the Guelder-rose» and «Prior’s Lada» which successfully continued and corrected known "ten", "VAZ-2110". Demand use also traditional popular "VAZ-2104", «2107», «2105», novelties «Lada Largus», «Grant Lada» do not lag behind also.

If to you essentially existence of "zero" run upon purchase of a new car from "VAZ", address specifically in "AVTOGERMES". Here new models of cars of this producer get practically to a descent from a conveyor tape therefore the company can offer wishing specifically "zero" run, at the cost which has been very approached to abilities though of what client.

The company realises also special offers on all wishes of the client. Here you can pick up and the car which was in the use, being guided by any characteristics of run. The special form of the demand and search is on the company website where it is possible to find and special offers on other types of service from "AVTOGERMES".

The company built a wide network own motor shows, being guided by a personal approach to wishes and needs of each client therefore here for years of work on a capital car market the wide product range was created, the highest quality of service is turned out and the provided choice of models of cars is created.

Not discrepancy if urgent body repair or a high-quality colouring suddenly was useful for your car to you. Here always will be to whom to promote, irrespective of the fact which brands the car. In the technical centre "AVTOGERMES" the modern technical, laboratory and computing equipment allowing promptly is established and firmly to resolve everything, even the most critical difficulties with recovery of body geometry. The trained specialists, whose profile – the levelling, tin, welding, complicated stapelny works, will restore appearance of a car. And over quality of colour of the covering which has been picked up in laboratory, the colourists who are carrying out a colouring in the special chamber work.

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