Camaro – the well-known dream ….

Camaro – the well-known dream ….
Walls in rooms at boys were bequeathed images specifically this car. Camaro – always special, remains sacred dream of millions. This well-known car shows dynamics and technical advantage, often surprising and causing ecstasy even in the most whimsical car owners.

Unconditionally that did this car only for movement "forward". As the run wild small animal driven into a corner it is aggressive. All its image remembers a predator before attack. Relief wings, wheel arches are inflated, and its extended cowl and the truncated luggage carrier should remind us of eminent predecessors of this model. And after all, there are in its look present patches of light.

The car with folding top – the car for unique car owners. Less than 20 seconds to be useful, that the roof of the car developed in specially provided compartment. And here your car becomes a source of unforgettable memoirs. It is necessary to emphasise that designers specifically pondered and made an unusual design of a roof. It gives the chance to behold in the car dynamism, as, generally, in standard model of a compartment.

The Camaro salon is so ideal that it not hunting to leave, and the refreshed interior grasps spirit. Speed, here its true name. Magnificent level of dynamics. Its motor the most powerful, easy and that is a lot of essentially, very economical. It is possible to tell that technical properties are capable to make this car true racing car.

Safety a basic indicator at though what car, but for the car capable to be dispersed is less than for 5 and a half seconds to 100 km/h, this indicator voobshchy is the basic value. Such system as course stability it is unceasing keeps control of the necessary characteristics and when it is necessary enters work, that holds the car on the chosen course.

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