In revival, on April 28, in Goloseevsky park of Maxim Rylskogo unusual show for the ordinary Kiev petty bourgeois – the Youth Art Matiz, dated for celebration of Day of Youth took place. From 11/00 mornings to 17/00 evenings all wishing had possibility to ornament the Daewoo "Matiz" car because it was necessary for soul. As the organizer the Ukr-Uzavto company, the exclusive distributor of Daewoo "Nexia" and Daewoo "Matiz" cars in the Ukrainian market, under patronage Goloseevsky regional to Kiev city administration and Management for a family, youth and sports acted.
Since the morning the park was flooded with people. Wishing to show the art possibilities on improvised "canvas" gathered enough. Not magnificently, after all possibility to ornament "wheelbarrow" without having been hit at all this on ears from the furious owner drops out seldom. Ordinary, in similar cases the Uz Daewoo company arranged joyful creative competitions for kids and youth a role in what it was encouraged with neotklonimy souvenir gifts, and for the 1st places which were awarded by valuable prizes, serious fight was developed.
Show by drawing competition on a car «The best youth tuning» revealed. It was necessary to participants hardly, after all they were the first, it was not on whom to be equated, all number of the cars built on a platform flaunted with the natural flowers of factory paint. The imagination did not bring contestants, for allowed time one of cars reincarnated in a true work of art, participants received valuable prizes, organizers – ideas for an aerographics, and all present could admire in an original way issued car.
It should be noted that in the middle of present there were many young "couples", had an opportunity to express the feelings in competition «Best declaration of love» in drawings cards on small Matiz. The main prize was received by "married men" Oleg and Marina, having defeated own competitors a plot in Star Wars style. Competition – «The most similar animation character» became one more hazardous competition. Curiously that after half-hour diligence, the top was gained by our Russian Cheburashka and a crocodile of the Gene, having overcome in hard fight "zabugorny" brotherhood led by eternally young Mickey Mouse. In view of huge flow of participants, organizers had to send over and over again small-sized Matiz on a sink, preparing a car for a new art delicacy.
Small kids, comers with mothers too did not remain unattended. It set subjects: «My Matiz», «The car – the friend of the child», «Ornament the world around» and others. Embody the futuristic ideas young draughtsmen could not only only on bodies of cars and in specially equipped tents containing all necessary accessories of the beginning artist. «This action, evenly becomes quite good tradition for our company», – the Director general of the Ukr-Uzavto company Amirov Bakhodirzhon Alimdzhanovich told. «Day of youth – a good occasion to make something special for younger generation. Similar actions leave not only only pleasant memoirs and learn to treat to each other with the overestimated attention and care, to work in team, about what is frequent запамятывают even "adults". We plan to go further, and our shows similar to it will amuse kids and their parents in all regions of Ukraine».

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