In New year – on newcomer Audi!

In New year – on newcomer Audi!
Ease, efficiency, productivity of the new sports car from «AUDI» – Аudi_RS 6 Avant – lifted this model on a top of high-quality lines of division of "quattro GmbH" (subsidiary "AUDI AG"). Cars of RS family own a massive cursor (V8, a double turbo-supercharging), they perfectly cope and are comfortable in everyday driving. To test during test drive beautiful characteristics of this car it is possible also, having come in though what motor show of Audi where you make sure: than I will weave time to hear, it is better to do a bit of travelling once. And it is better – and not one: having got to salon of this car, to leave motor show of empty-handed Audi it will not want any more.

So, what characteristics of the model which has entered a car the market on the eve of the 2013th year? They are simply amazing. To "leave" for the speed in 100 km/h it is possible least than from 4 seconds if is more exact, such speed of a car reaches in 3,9 seconds. A maximum of speed of movement – 305 km/h. As to the motor of the latest car (4.0 TFSI), it "pulls" on 560 horsepowers. At all this that essentially, on comparison to the previous version the consumption of fuel was reduced practically by 40 %. Now it makes least 10 l. on 100 km!

Developers of the car went a usual, logical method: efficiency and productivity of the car are reached by a method of fall of its weight. New Audi it is simple in management, it is elegant, comfortable – for this day it is a faultless sports car. "Heart" Аudi_RS of 6 Avant – the cursor tested a year ago being a sample of the reduced working volume in category of more massive cars of cursors. Its design is executed in the small-sized decision, the cursor in the course of work even sounds "in a sports way". The economic option of a consumption of fuel was successful almost in everything thanks to that entered the latest system "start-stop" into equipment of the motor and innovatorsky system of thermoregulation.

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