Avtoshina.ru – soon the 1st year!

Avtoshina.ru – soon the 1st year!
What represents the Avtoshina.ru service? Peterburzhsky (and not only only) car owners already managed to estimate all width of a range of services of this company though its tyre hypermarket worked on a car the Russian Federation market only a year. Well and that this shop will celebrate the 1st day of the birth only in September 2013.

For that it is comparable small term the Petersburg company developed as a successful, professional network of tyre service shopping centres, also presented the hypermarket of tyres 1st in the northern capital and Internet shop of disks and tyres for different models of a car. Opening of this hypermarket in St. Petersburg took place in the middle of September of last year.

To get on a resource of this distribution network, it is necessary to find адресок http://avtoshina.ru – and here though what car owner will find that will manage to intrigue it. On this service detailed trading information on a network of the tyre centres, on work of hypermarket of tyres, the successful and well built resource of Internet shop of disks and tyres for cars, also адресок an open automobile car wash is presented.

To become the buyer of the company, will be the 1st visit on http://avtoshina.ru enough – here come behind new cars rims of different types and tyres, thus all these products can be received and at the amusing prices – they will be provided by system of discounts according to the card for invariable clients. As to corporate and big wholesale trade, in this area the company could create in particular profitable and noteworthy special offers.

It адресок on which you can always use the widest and provided choice high-quality automobile (both summer, and winter rubber) tyres and disks on delightful quotations. In the catalogue of the company it will be possible to find the best tyres from the most recognizable, taken place European brands and new Chinese brands which already managed to recommend the abilities in the European and Russian markets. Not including that, here to you will offer a quite good choice of joint stock bank, accessories for a car and oils rich the range.

Furore for it is comparable small as for a market car term was not casual – employees of the company from the first business hours were aimed at declaring and keeping the highest professionalism in service. Here make all efforts not only only on professionalism demonstration, and and on that the young brand caught own style, became known, deserved respect and trust of clients.

Buyers of this service keep the priklnny relation to a brand new brand and for districts of St. Petersburg, both in the capital, and in some other regions of the market of the country.

While the list of the main towns in what there is this network, includes the main regions of the Russian Federation:

·? Kazan;

·? Voronezh;

·? Nizhny Novgorod;

·? Yekaterinburg;

·? Volgograd;

·? Rostov-on-Don;

·? Krasnodar;

·? Moscow;

·? St. Petersburg.

If you did not co-operate yet with the Avtoshina company, the 1st anniversary of work of its main trading object becomes a quite good reason for acquaintance. Then you can estimate and professionalism in service, both co-ordination of service, and recognition of a brand, and quality of production – the main indicator of reliability of the company. Having come to the company, you can operatively be caused with a choice and get high-quality tyres, also other accompanying cars products at quite good cost and with the highest level of service.

Here to you will offer traditional profitable system of discount accumulative consumer cards which will give you discounts from 6 to 3 percent, also offers on shares which will intrigue both invariable buyers, and beginners.

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