The Pezho company future in Ukraine

The Pezho company future in Ukraine
Choosing the privately owned vehicle, there is a great opportunity for that your choice will stop on "Peugeot". After all "Peugeot" already long since is one of the most necessary brands in the middle of Ukrainians. "Peugeot" cars in Ukraine adore for their modern design, comfort and, of course, high quality. All motorists the question interests: what new Peugeot models will appear on sale in Ukraine, also what there will be their price? For a start we will remember, than the expiring year for the company «Peugeot Ukraine Citroen» was fascinating. 2012 became very saturated and productive year. The crucial role in it was played by essential updating of a model range, also opening of dealer cents in 5 small towns of Ukraine. After all one of the most promising states where Peugeot cars – Ukraine are on sale. For last year Peugeot pleased Ukrainians with several excellent prime ministers, from which the Peugeot 508 model became main. Peugeot 4008 which appeared as a result of cooperation of the company of Mitsubisha and PSA group became the next novelty.

So, about novelties of 2013. Not the secret that for Ukraine Peugeot is a massive sales market of cars, also unique spare parts. In the middle of February in a dealer network «Peugeot Ukraine Citroen» will appear on sale a new hatchback of a class B – Peugeot 208. The car will be the 3rd dverny and 5 dverny. It will go in the 3rd complete sets: Allure, Active and Access. It is possible to refer bright appearance, also nice comfortable salon which are confirmations of adaptability to manufacture and distinguished style to advantages of Peugeot 208. That is pleasant, developers also saw to it about aerodynamics of a novelty.

For producers of Ukraine Peugeot already at present becomes that the state which can positively influence a turn of sales of their cars in the world. The it is more, when the brand new Peugeot model will appear on sale in Ukraine. What after all distinguishes radically the latest model? If to associate it with Peugeot 207, to a descent there is on a look a difference on dimensions. the 208th model is easier on 110 kg (the greatest difference from the basic version makes 174 kg). It is less in height on 1 cm, and at length is shorter on 7 cm, but for passengers who borrow back sitting, the place for feet is increased on 5 see. Not including that, modernisation of the latest model allowed to add to a luggage carrier of the whole 15 l. places for loading. The lump of Peugeot 208 makes about 975 kg.

The hatchback is equipped with multimedia system complete with which there is a screen of high resolution through which easy and successful access to бортовику, management of an audiosystem, navigation system, Blyutuz and to photo viewing is provided. That касаемо the motor of the latest model of the company «Peugeot Ukraine Citroen», it will be provided with 4 power petrol units and a diesel engine (volume of 1.6 l). According to preparatory data, the price of the Peugeot 208 car will make: Allure — at the price of 154 thousand UAH. (the 5th door and 3-ти door versions), Active — from 127810 hryvnias (5 door version).

But not only only this novelty will amuse Peugeot Ukraine Citroen of motorists in 2013. In March of new 2013 car sale of the latest series of the Peugeot 301 car will begin. That is curious, the sales plan for a year makes 1900 pieces of cars, also there are guesses that the novelty will occupy 6 % in sector of sedans of the V-class. Than "Ukraine Peugeot" copes, putting that royal plan? In – 1-x, it is adaptedness to climatic and road conditions, in – 2-x, the abundance of cursors, and in – 3-x, is competitive cost. For Ukraine Peugeot is young the state with bolshenny prospects of development where they only start to occupy a car the market.

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