Car purchase on credit became for Russians that norm

Car purchase on credit became for Russians that norm
The modern active rhythm of life asks from people of acquisition of own transport. After all the car is not only only means of independent and mobile movement, it still a method of expression of the status and self-realisation of his owner. Now in our country the situation when the car, at first, is a "working" horse is more popular and serves not so much for entertainments and rest, how many for work. Therefore young people think of purchase of own car, or beginning the business, or working at delivery, distribution etc. To the chagrin, not each yesterday’s student will manage to get to a descent for itself a car and therefore a question of purchase of the car on credit everything in bigger and bigger degree gets an urgency in the middle of young drivers. For today autocrediting not so стращает borrowers and vserasprostraneno actually the same as in the countries of Europe and the USA. But till this moment the Russian borrowers are beaten to address for the help to bank in a question of acquisition of the car. The main argument of similar fears is financial inconstancy in the state, interest rates on the credit, the additional commissions and t. As a result all this «bank cunnings», by all means, I will make your car twice more expensive, than it costs in a motor show.
If you nevertheless decided to take the credit for car purchase, you should weigh laboriously all pros and cons, soberly to estimate the abilities. It is necessary to study offers of banks further. In it you can be promoted by Internet resources. We advise to direct attention to a resource where you can find good advice and councils on autocrediting questions, to compare rates of banks on the credits and deposits. But, it is not necessary to endow own dream, avoiding communication with certain banks. In search of clients many banks think over different pro-positions which will appear profitable not only only to bank and the borrower.
If you are young, and are the highly paid specialist, possibility of is high that to you will offer payment by instalments – the interest-free credit. Look for in this offer подкол? Also cannot realise, where benefit of bank? And the bank profit is covered in the prices of insurance of a car which is quite expensive. If to you 22-24 years, and at all this your experience of driving makes less, than two years, insurance company will offer you a rate of 9,9 % from the price of a bought car. But, there is a certain reef: to obtain that credit, you should bring an initial contribution which, it is dependent on a certain option, the price of the hotimy car that is enough highest price can make from 30-50 %.
If you are the representative of the most experienced car owners having a decent experience at the wheel, the bank will offer you traditional aaplets of a loan where the 1st contribution can make from 10 % and above. At all this the interest rate on the average can make from 9 % (in dollars), but the insurance will manage essentially cheaper. But, as insurance experts speak, the price of an insurance can change is dependent on make of the car and its "appeal" to car thieves. So, to data of future borrowers, the favourite in the middle of stolen cars is Passat Volkswagen.
Also to get the car on credit cheap, it is possible in case producers and regional dealers for growth of sales of a certain model offer low interest rates. But at this offer to you the full package of documents on which collecting at least three days can leave can be demanded. Soon banks began to offer the express credits. Indisputable plus in this type of the autocredit is the requirement of a small package of documents and the mobile answer to your inquiry. But a minus is quite highest interest rate – beginning from 17 % (in dollars).

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