To the car of Porsche of Karrer, is what to show

To the car of Porsche of Karrer, is what to show
The well-known model of the car of Porsche 911 of Karrer 4S connects in itself the pleasure received from driving, and suitability for everyday operation.
Hardly who can resist cocktail of long traditions which in itself are connected by Karrer’s Porsche. The sea of pleasure falls upon the driver of this vedovy compartment of the back лго before start. Karrera bewitches the interior and external shape. The lock of ignition is placed traditionally – on the left side from the managing director of a column, sports seats with the electric drive provide strong lateral support, the dashboard has traditional style and consists of 5 dials. Management of different systems and functions is carried out by means of the 6,5-dyumovy touch monitor, also by means of buttons of «direct access» which are placed on the central console. The standard complete set includes бортовик, automatic кондюк, electronic window regulators, zharopogloshchayushchy glass and other functions.
Ecstasy becomes still huge when the look will be redirected towards an external rear-view mirror where brawny back wings are reflected. At all this back wings in vedovy versions are expanded on 44 mm that provides a place for wheels. In a vedovy box now is responsible for a rassredotachivaniye rotating the momentamnogodiskovy coupling having electric management, and thanks to it zadneprivodny temper of the car remains. At direct movement on the dry road actually it is not felt a full drive. Distinction starts to be felt at active driving. The car, it seems, incorporates to asphalt and specifies a good rassredotachivaniye of draught during passing of prompt turns that awakens in the driver instincts to Need for Speed. It also is caused and хорошейсамоблокирующегося back by differential support. Karrer’s Porsche possesses quite good dynamic properties, showing instant acceleration.
The car is dispersed simply to 100 km/h for the whole 4,3 seconds and that in 200 km/h to achieve this mark only 15,3 seconds are required. The overtaking embodiment at all this needs only 3000-4000 rpm. The car is equipped with a cursor 3,6 – litre and as 320 h.p. in capacity, the 7-mi-step mechanised box amuses speed and exact switchings. The driver can operate switching process by means of buttons on an operating wheel or the selector on the central tunnel.
The car suspension bracket hardly can be called rigid, it perfectly smoothes cambers on roads, at all this when there is a high-speed maneuvering and quick passing of all turns of Porsche of Karrer shows good sports properties. Also the car shows approximate steering which changes is dependent on speed. Insignificant manipulations a with operating wheel cause an instant response of this massive small animal. Therefore it is possible to tell safely that the driver, sedentary for рулём, will manage to endure a storm positive feelings. The strengthened structure of a body of the car provides the highest protection during failures, and has a strong framework of salon. Efficiency of braking turns out because of the nine-inch double amplifier. The basic complete set of model has wheel blocking with an immobilizer, the anticreeping alarm system with system of protection against a pronikaniye. Porsсhe 911 is simply weaved from fireworks of different feelings. Any trip is an event, and each turn is an ecstasy. This car not that as everything, as is its valuable quality.

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