Examination of traffic regulations of 2014 for a new jeep

Examination of traffic regulations of 2014 for a new jeep
In the joint autoenterprise "GM AvtoVAZ" the strengthened rates prepare for the first tests the latest model – the 2nd generation of the Shevrole-Niva brand. Tests of ready prototypes of the new car were planned for winter of the 2013th year. By preparatory estimates, fans of the Field brand will see absolutely new jeep, thus its price not and will grow. The basic complete set of "Field-2" will amplify "ABS" and safety cushions. There will be a brand new box and more the most powerful petrol motor though it is not excluded that emergence will be developed for an exit of this model to the market of Europe in a design of the diesel motor also.

For this year it is planned that the car will be tested on a prisposablivayemost to roads and typical examination of traffic regulations – is defined 2014 year as premier for a new jeep. Results of development of the latest model will be shown, at first, on the prime minister in a capital motor show in August of next year. While the enterprise developer press service проанонсировала that in brand new generation "Shevrole-Niva" will absolutely be updated an interior and appearance. The volume of the new motor is planned in 1,8 l, in the car the transfer case and a box will be updated. At all this maintainability, availability and delightful passableness "will remove" to the latest model from the previous generation of cars of this brand.

To the middle of February of the 2013th year works on a model exterior already came to the end, the impulse to activization of work on a car design is given. To start creation gather at the end of the 2015th year. As in plans of the manufacturing company to expand by this time the capacities to 120 тыщ with a car in a year, the new generation of a jeep of "Shevrole-Niva" will be with confidence entered into these volumes also, is dependent on that will dictate the market.

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