Amendments in the law on checkup – configurations in traffic regulations online 2014

Amendments in the law on checkup – configurations in traffic regulations online 2014
Last year entered the editings in the legislation on technical inspection of cars. Coupons of checkup leave in a past, заместо their drivers will receive the unusual diagnostic card. It will be the basis for design of policies of neotklonimy insurance.

Configurations owing to reforming of road services can mention not only only the content of examinations in traffic regulations online – 2014, as a result of this innovation, absolutely will close GTO Ministries of Internal Affairs points in what the abolished coupons of checkup of cars stood out.

The diagnostic card will remain in an electric look and in 2 cardboard options. Upon car purchase sale action of this document will be burning before the date designated on the card, and the duplicate if it will be necessary, will give out though what operator of checkup.

Let’s notice what to examine the car now the dealer centres are authorised also. This innovation allegedly will suit those motorists who of judgments of discipline and safety quite often bring the cars on technical service.

According to the come into force law (accepted on July 28th 2012) to operate activity of the accredited operators of checkup will be Alliance of insurers of the Russian Federation. As to existing coupons of checkup, they are suitable for the conclusion of insurance contracts inclusive prior to the beginning of August 2015-gogoda.

Now to insurers will enough show the diagnostic card, the received operator. It is curious that also found and corrected problems will be brought in it. The card becomes the document of the serious reporting, since that moment when checkup coupons absolutely leave consumption. Until then they will act without restriction: with them now it is possible to receive an insurance, even the coupon is valid still least half a year.

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