Whether will reduce in Yerevan violations of traffic regulations 2014?

Whether will reduce in Yerevan violations of traffic regulations 2014?
For the last twelve months, beginning since January of the 2012th year, in the capital of Armenia the aaplet introducing video control over participants of traffic was intensively realised. Already for the 1st some months in Yerevan appeared 15 radar of fixing of speed and 30 chambers of video surveillance. Within the contract, started aaplet of an impartial assessment of the events on roads (all here plan to enclose nearly 10 million euros), Armenians will receive 185 more chambers which will be established both in the main small town of the country, and on the main highways.

By the beginning of the next, 2014th year, it is exclusive in Yerevan it will be established to a hundred part of the video cameras fixing incorrect overtakings and violations of speed. That is bright: to a descent after installation on the main outcomes of the small town of the first video equipment passionless automatic observers registered practically тыщи road negligence, but evenly existence of that equipment, and the main thing, the knowledge about it is perceptible disciplined drivers, and streams of violations started to run low. Such makary if chambers are actually everywhere, it is not excluded that 2014 any more will not bring mass violations by erevanets of traffic regulations.

Naturally and in own way curiously that else nobody complained about acts of violations which were made by automatic equipment. Certainly, absolutely such equipment even removing both from back, and from a face-to-face look, never will change all structure of road services. But such innovations force cardinally to reconsider system of estimation of how work of road policemen is perfectly organised. Now there is no sense to recalculate the drawn up statements of violation of traffic regulations: the general condition of the road controllers of sites entrusted to brigades, also tranquillity and traffic safety should be estimated.

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