The Vaz 2110 car became a new step forward for many years

The Vaz 2110 car became a new step forward for many years
VAZ 2110 for the first time appeared in 1995 from the Volga car of plant. A long time this car was the most popular in the Russian Federation, and wishing to get it was very much. New models cost about 10 тыщ dollars, and with run is almost twice cheaper.
Vaz 2110 had external shape of the car with a type body the car in what there were four doors and a face-to-face drive. And if to technical lines of the car no claims especially existed, appearance дискуссировался all car owners very intensively. Most of all negodovaniye the angular stern appealed, taking in attention an oval form of all body, and as over back wheels of the arch which look was not so tidy. Car Cилуэт itself looked very well, the truth an overall picture was impaired a little by very protruding body. But, despite of all these claims, the general reputation of the car did not suffer, the sales level was at quite solid level.
The design frets 2110 was revolutionary for all Russian an automobile industry. In Russian to practice the electric system created for management of a cursor, also бортовик for the first time was applied. Designers provided also installation possibility in the long term electronic window regulators and the power steering. The body of VAZ was painted on modern technologies, and certain details of a body were made from covered with zinc became. Vaz 2110 became a new step to the Russian production of cars, specifically with its exit in motor industry of the Russian Federation the brand new era began.
As to lines frets 2110, types of cursors for the car was two. The first was the four-cycle petrol motor 8-mi-klapanny, volume имеет1,5 litre, and which capacity of the 79th horsepower. Speed of the car with such motor developed to 170 km/h. The second was vtochnost the same cursor, but already collected with 16 valves which volume is equipped 1,6 litres, and makes capacity – 92 horsepowers. At all this the greatest speed makes 180 km/h. Lada 2110 was armed with a mechanical pyatistupny box. One of obvious advantages of the car was small level of the use of fuel. So, 7,5 litres of fuel were the share of 100 km. It was one of pluses for wishing to acquire this car. The length of VAZ 2110 makes 4,26 metres, height – 1,42 metres, and width – 1,68 metres. A road clearance – 17 cm, wheel base longish – 2,5 metres. The lump achieves 1020 kg.
The Vaz car is presented in 11 different updatings. VAZ 21100 is equipped with the petrol carburettor motor with the 8th valves and volume 1,5 litres. VAZ 21101 and 21102 of 1,5 litres have an injector cursor with the 8th valves, in the first option volume, in the 2nd – is equipped 1,6 litres. Lada 21103 and 21104 were already equipped with an injector cursor with 16 valves in 1,6 and 1,5 litres. The car VAZ 21106 received a cursor from C20XE Opel with volume 2,0 litres. After it on the market there was Lada 21106 with a compartment body, and then VAZ 21107 presented as sports option of previous model. Then there were Consul and Premieres models, and closed a row VAZ of 2110 RPD (i.e. a rotor and piston cursor).
Creation VAZ 2110 was stopped in 2007 therefore wishing to get this car, are provided only VAZ 2110 with run because new models of this car already managed to celebrate the 3rd own day of the birth. Second-hand cars of this brand meet rather quite often on sale, and the most part from them, in the main thing is models made 2006 and 2007, have not a bad technical condition. If you are interested in car purchase VAZ 2110, you have still a chance to get a fighting stallion in almost brand new look.

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