Volvo becomes the world favourite in production of cargo equipment

Volvo becomes the world favourite in production of cargo equipment
The Volvo concern – one of the hugest producers of cars and cargo equipment, becomes one of favourites of branch of tonnage cars thanks to the prisoner not so long ago the joint venture with Dongfeng – the Chinese company which is also making cargo cars. The Swedish producer plans to invest in Dongfeng the sum about 900 million dollars for this purpose to receive 45 % of shares of the company. These acts can give the chance to become Volvo the largest producer of large-capacity cars and an equipment car.

At the press conference devoted to a question of the forthcoming growth and development of the company, head of Volvo Olof Persson declared that these agreements and injections of means will promote to make the strong base for leadership in the world market on production of lorries. The director of the company declares intentions to become the largest and most popular brand of a car of that class. Sale of cargo equipment will be carried out by also more strengthened rates thanks to involvement of all more effective advertising and marketing actions.

The Chinese Dongfeng earlier firmly took positions of the producer of trucks second in the world and automotive equipment after Daimler. After the signed contracts with Volvo again formed enterprise will carry «Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles» title. Also repayment by the newest company of a part of actions at Nissan that will allow to expand release of large-capacity and srednetonnazhny trucks is planned.

It is necessary to tell that experience of leadership of Dongfeng in own sphere is turned out very big. In 2011 the enterprise became the biggest Chinese producer of trucks, having realised more than 186 thousand cars. From their 142 thousand units it is let out specifically at that plant which signed the agreement with Volvo. Future buyers of own production of Volvo contemplate in the countries of Asia where intensively there are all economic processes.

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