Economical Datsun, as candidate to old cars

Economical Datsun, as candidate to old cars
The price of Datsun cars will be not higher 400 тыщ than rubles. In the Russian Federation this car will be positioned in 2 models. The presentation of a brand is planned for April, and realisation will begin in the middle of September of the next year.

If to consider that new cars far allow for itself can not everything, and the turn of old cars in the Russian Federation in a year makes about 6 million units, prospects at revived Datsun good.
The company the producer considers that the car will intrigue, on the average, two million buyers which wish to get a new car of this price category.

It is natural that the declared price in four hundred тыщ rubles – basic. The company offers a wide choice of an additional complete set: кондюк, safety cushions and Abs. On comparison to Russian import cars, the policy of the prices of Datsun positions a car between Lada and Nissan. But, even absolutely completed Datsun will cost less, than basic Nissan.

Most likely we will see two models in August, during carrying out the Capital motor show. Allegedly it will be small-sized option of the car and a small hatchback. If expected demand for these models comes true, it is possible to wait for emergence of the third model – a crossover.

Assembly of Datsun will be carried out in Tolyatti. The company tries to allocate that development of a car was conducted in the rising sun Country together with representatives of "AvtoVAZ". But it is possible to consider as donors of a platform Lada of the Grant and the Guelder-rose.

Russian best-sellers Lada Granta and Kalina become donors of a platform for Datsun. Will collect the car of Japanese brand in Tolyatti. Vobshchem, in Datsun place emphasis on Japanese car DNA. Because development of a brand was conducted in the rising sun Country, but very splotchenno with advisers of "AvtoVAZ".

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