Since April 3 the order «About entering of configurations into regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia»

operates Since April 3 the order «About entering of configurations into regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia»
The order facilitated life to owners of cars who pass function of design of own car.
Procedure of realisation of the car
After introduction of the order it became truly simpler to sell the car. Are for this purpose necessary: the purchase contract – the realisation, signed by you and the buyer, the passport on the hardware of the buyer in which you the hands enter the new owner, also discussed sum. The contract should be issued in triplicate (two for the buyer and to one you).
Not though to be engaged in sale personally, it is possible to issue the contract in notary office or in commercial MREO. Such registration will cost already about 1000 rubles. For carrying out procedure there is no need to visit MREO and to strike off the register your car. By all means it is necessary to be convinced that the client will renew the car on the name within a month. To notify on it you should tax, but its letters as annoyingly it would not sound, not always come. Not to receive a penalty and not to pay taxes for the buyer, make sure personally of car renewal on other owner. In other words, now paperwork lies on shoulders of the buyer.

Procedure of purchase of the car
After listed above the actions, already new owner of the hardware within a month should arrive to MREO with your documents and car numbers, and to register the car on the name.
Set of documents for registration:
• certificate on registration;
• PTS (hardware passport);
• all-civil passport;
• insurance policy;
• the purchase contract – realisation;
• car numbers (iron).

Simplifications in procedure the such: it is authorised to inspectors not to look through motor numbers, buyers are authorised to leave starenky numbers, in case the dealer and the client from the 1st area or number in a faultless condition (not crushed, not shabby, there are no additional openings). You see the client makes all acts for removal and car statement on the account which it and pays. Operation on car registration with the facilitated scheme and saving of numbers costs 6200 rubles, and at delivery of new number symbols – 7700 rubles. Whether there is a possibility at the buyer to write the power of attorney the hands, having on hands all documentation and with measured soul to go by the brand new car?
Procedure «the registration termination» which allows to avoid charge of taxes for the person who has sold the car by proxy to the newly-baked owner who did not renew purchase on the name after arrangement term is entered.
Earlier being owners should address in traffic police to strike the car off the register under the pretext of utilisation. When the new owner appeared, registration was restored. Now, after utilisation restoration of registration is unreal. But, there is a possibility to finish car registration, without striking it off the register, explaining the reason for that the location of the car unclear. If the proof of that struck the car off the register, is absent within 30 days, the client can write the application in GAI and finish this function.

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