Cамая the available import car – the Daewoo Matiz car

Cамая the available import car - the Daewoo Matiz car
The Daewoo Matiz car is for today the most available import car, both on primary, and on secondary the markets. Perhaps, specifically this fact also frightens off at first future buyers. But, those who though time sat down at a wheel of this kid, often change the outlook absolutely. That said, design of this car the very beautiful.
The most part of Daewoos Matiz presented in the secondary Russian market have the Uzbek backs because there this model is issued since 2001. But cars from Korea and Europe come across also. Such babies are, usually, well equipped, also presented in several options of a box: machine gun, mechanics or besstupenchaty variator. But, as say the master, it is better not to receive car option with a variator because though it and successful, but in case of breakage it is necessary to give many funds for repair. All the matter is that to repair a variator it is simply unreal, and it will be necessary to take the restored unit at plant.
The most ordinary of any so called "frills" have no Matiza by which our car market is filled, the voobshchy. They have an electropackage, кондюка, even no back yard keepers. And here if without an electrowindow regulator it is still possible to manage, without a screen wiper to master in criteria of our climate quite problemno. And without the hydraulic booster badly, in particular, if at a wheel of the car there will be a lady. Therefore if you will decide to receive Matiz, it is better to take already it with all these adaptations.
The 3-x-cylinder motor, which volume of 0,8 l have essential number of Daewoo Matiz cars under a cowl. and capacity of 52 h.p. It is clear that with that capacity about high-speed driving it is possible to forget. Though often Matiz manages to amaze own neighbours in a transport stream, dashingly starting from a traffic light. But in the area ~ 70-80 km/h it will already be transformed from the clockwork machine to an ordinary vehicle with hardly working cursor. Very brightly it is perceptible at working кондюке which will confiscate a decent part of capacity. Since 2002 заместо 0,8 litre motors began to establish the 4-x-cylinder unit with volume in 1,0 litres and capacity of 64 h.p. The given strength does not do of the kid of a sports race car, but dynamics it becomes better obvious. But litre Matiz’s main advantage consists in the best draught. Also, as say the master, the litre motor breaks less often and has more resources.
Small-sized Matiz not only only has quite good appearance, but it is quite comfortable and harmless. In doors of the car the power beams reducing risk of deformation at failure of a body are integrated. Fuel it is executed on a design preventing leakage of fuel if the car suddenly turns over. Brakes have the most powerful the 7th inch vacuum amplifier that allows to provide quick braking as required. But any of car complete sets, to chagrin, did not receive safety cushions. After all though in the course of carrying out kresh-dough the car also showed good results, but additional protection for passengers excessive would not be.

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