BMW for outdoor activities

BMW for outdoor activities
The BMW company is ready to present to public absolutely new concept of Active Tourer Outdооr. This car will amuse fans of departure on the nature. It is connected with that the car is perfectly adapted for transportation of different subjects of use.

This concept is "descendant" of the Active Tourer car which was presented last year and received the popularity as the first front-wheel drive vehicle of concern of BMW. Though the car also is not a jeep, it is intended for trips on the nature, fishing. It differs from own predecessor only in height (on 16 mm higher). The problem of this car to execute all needs of people which adore and are engaged in the active I will give.

At Active Tourer the small sizes, but at all this big and capacious salon. The luggage carrier of a car is equipped with different fastenings. In such luggage carrier it is possible to transport different things, for example, ladies’ bags a web shop, and even 2 it is great at once. For this purpose, what to fix are great, it will be necessary to dismantle saddles, to remove wheels and to combine back chairs in the car. Spare parts with it is great not will are lost, because in a luggage carrier for each detail there is the place. The frame is great fastens on a sliding frame. Finally are great do not "dangle" outside, all knots of fastening hide under a luggage carrier covering, without taking an empty seat.

Developers given a concept a penalty consider it as a mobility example. Having arrived to the big city, it is possible to put the car on parking, and the forthcoming movement to make on are great. Finally we preserve environment, we reduce quantity of jams and we release places on parkings.

After addition in the title of Active Tourer of the word Outdoor in a car interior not enough that exchanged. Brand new furnish of salon became the only thing a configuration. Plastic and the skin steadier against pollution began to be used. As the panoramic roof, the screen with the 8th inch screen was added. The multimedia system comprises the full list of the communication Connected Drive functions.

The cursor for given a concept a penalty was taken from Active Tоurer concept. It represents a hybrid from the turbovanny motor in volume of 1.5 litre and the electromotor. The general capacity achieves the 190th horsepower Dispersal to 100 km is sensitive less than 8 seconds. The expense on 100 km will make about 2.5 l. Moving with the switched-off electromotor, the concept is capable to pass 30 кидлметров.

The premiere of a concept of Active Tоurer Outdооr BMW will take place at an exhibition in Fridrikhskhafen.

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