World forecasts of development of the market of a special equipment

World forecasts of development of the market of a special equipment
In the middle of producers of a special equipment of various mission: construction, agricultural, repair and a car such countries as China, the USA and our homeland are favourites of the market by whom are guided, almost in everything, the biggest manufacturers of spare parts, details of other materials.

Analysts of the market of a special equipment gave a forecast of development for 2013 in respect of the forthcoming growth of turns of these 3rd whales of the world market of a special equipment.

China – the capital of mass and cheap production of everything on light, on view of professionals, this year will not change own course of a slow set of turns and sales volumes. That fast breakthrough which was in 2009-10 it is not expected. Now in this country began to do an emphasis on development of technologies the tendency to test the designed wrecker, the crane or the bulldozer till that time while it will not reach suitable characteristics on quality and resistance to weather conditions, for example, went. This practice was included into creation already long since, but this year its deepening is predicted.

The 2nd special equipment largest the world market – the USA – this year will stake on equipment rent. On all forecasts the South American producers will work in the main thing with the companies which are engaged in rent of equipment, after all already in a past, 2012 the indicator of volume of realisation of equipment to such firms reached 50 %. In States increase of increase in demand for a special equipment can increase for 4 %, in the main thing, it will be elevating platforms, avtoperevozny transport and construction equipment. The oil and gas industry should become also severe consumer of similar production.

As to the Russian Federation then not without pride it is necessary to tell that on it ложут huge hopes in respect of production and the use of similar equipment. It, including, belongs to those problems which were exposed ahead of itself by the government on construction of new constructions in connection with Olympic Games in Sochi. As a whole, at all including this big action for all country are planned 10-ki a system and repair objects for which the equipment of various mission, both the construction crane, and the wrecker, cargo transport and various truck cranes for local small works is useful. The most necessary, certainly, there are such types of equipment, as drilling rigs, elevating devices and digging equipment.

Without considering purchases our Russian market this year can expand the range of rent offers. So, if the market of rent of special transport like wreckers and bulldozers is quite completed, tower and truck cranes, autotowers and other equipment of wide industrial mission while it is obviously not enough, and that demand will surely give rise to the offer from the producers who are guided by the enterprises for rent of equipment.

More zabugorny firms of a special equipment start to have the main capacities in our country. It gives us not only only existence of workplaces and a push to own development of similar industrial branch and creation of a competitive Russian product. For example, the road special equipment of Russian production rather successfully competes to the western standards.

This year in Russian market of a special equipment it is possible to wait for quite huge set of stability that too it is necessary for business. Building of state objects and repair of the available constructions supported from the budget of the country and certain areas will give the chance to rossiysky production to become independent and deliver worthy offers of equipment of various mission on domestic market.

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