Tickets on traffic regulations the 2014th online – not a whim, and need

Tickets on traffic regulations the 2014th online – not a whim, and need
Most likely, if the brand new system of orientation of Muscovites about a situation on capital roads justifies the introduction, unfair drivers precisely do not need to "dump" an occasion the troubles in driving on bad roads. The administration of the capital is going to enter the uniform centre of the analysis for convenience of Muscovites and инфы which will notify drivers on a road situation, also to offer means of transport more suitable for this situation. It is not excluded, what even the approximate time spent for a trip will be predicted.

Similar system in Moscow already in due time started. But it concerned only work with drivers of personal cars, and did not clasp public transport. The innovation will allow to collect and provide the necessary data few times in day. If in February three exits инфы in day are planned, by March this number will grow to 4, and in April and to 6 times.

Tickets on traffic regulations the 2014th online in that case will be in more effective way to avoid problems on the road if, for example, search of methods to avoid automatic equipment on roads. As it is surprising, the Moscow drivers quite quite often prefer not to fix own zaniye in the sphere of traffic regulations, and to "get out" of a field of vision of automatic surveillance cameras which, as well as notification sensors, evenly become a usual part of modern Russian driving.

The brand new centralised structure will work at base of already available capital control centre as movement. Will collect data of about 4 тыщ the sensors working at main road "arteries" of the small town. Collected information will consider and provide in use to Muscovites.

Since February 15th partly working brand new system already will manage to notify car owners on problem points, for example, about jams on trunk mains.

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