Three cars for Ministry of Justice

Three cars for Ministry of Justice
Russian the Ministry of Justice decided to buy three bonus cars for own needs. 11,5 million economical means are allocated for this purchase. About the future acquisition became clear thanks to the demand placed on a resource of municipal purchases.
Pair of cars are obliged to have the capacity of the motor surpassing 320 "horses", a cursor of the third – more the most powerful, the whole 450 similar horsepowers. All three cars are obliged to have a body in the form of the extended car, thus colour – only a dark metallic.
The planned price of purchase, according to the document, 14,7 million. But, taking in attention limitation of economical duties, cost госконракта limited to the sum of 11,5 million. Thus it is not specified, whether there is a dealer, ready to give a similar discount.

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