The Chinese cars in Ukraine

The Chinese cars in Ukraine
As the Chinese brands most necessary on the Ukrainian car market – favourites on sales – «Chery» and «Geely» affirmed, thus the last brand pulled out at the competitor superiority in the 2011th year. The Chinese producers intensively offer new models, but novelty far not always guarantees that cars will go in great demand. To it there are some circumstances.

The prices for a car povsevremenno change, well and voobshchy autoproduction has no characteristic to become cheaper from model to model. And if consumers got used to high cost of cars of euro, the Korean, Japanese origin, the Chinese cars in Ukraine nevertheless associate with availability on the prices.

There is a certain price range above which future buyer starts to be declined to purchase, for example, an old car of the German production, or to more economical European options. And even to rossiysky motor industry which after all gives inexpensive production to which "minuses" all got used.

Deducing on the market the Chinese cars, it is necessary to consider these features of formation of demand and sales. For example, the brand of "Geely" which not a case left in favourites in Ukraine, offered the most available car "S" of a class – quite popular SK 2 model, in economical option of a complete set of "Norma". Actually at once with it the brand left and in the new class "In" for that time.

Along with it «Chery» brand that was completely predicted, does everything again to come back to a place which the competitor began to occupy. At all this the producer is accented as before on the offer of more available cars in the Ukrainian market in sectors "In" and "And". Not including that, this brand deduces both new crossovers and cars which should change predecessors.

As experts of the Ukrainian car market report, more sold Chinese cars in Ukraine are realised at cost to 100 тыщ hryvnias. For example, in the 2001st year before last the Chinese cars specifically in this price category used big enthusiasm, and there is an outlook that the brand in any way did not influence it.

«Chery» and «Geely» (at first, naturally, the new favourite) while do it is better the won positions, buyers to them completely приклнны because these producers already proved as the long term of operation of the cars which has been perfectly developed by infrastructure of car-care centre and wide base of warehouses of auto parts. All these reasons led in due time these brands to leadership. Other Chinese brands have no special advantages here though for a measured third place on sales apply both «BYD», and «Lifan», and «Great Wall». On the last measure, these brands worried terrible 2009 and 2010, and more or less measuredly worked 2011-2012.

To become stronger at least in the first five, these producers should work over recognition of brands because the potential on innovations, quality and the prices is the already good. As a whole the motor industry of the People’s Republic of China while offers cars at completely human prices which gradually подымаются on comparison to last period, but still give odds to the European quotations.

On ratings of sales of models any more the 1st year is held measuredly by the 1st 10 positions specifically producers of "Chery" and «Geely» so here, probably, influence of brands already starts to be felt. Car cost – it is far not the unique factor at sales. Existence of spare parts to own car in the middle of familiar car owners is advertised very promptly, and absence – is even more quick. Car sales volumes outright depend on availability of spare parts, in particular at us, with our criteria on roads.

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