The cars most stolen in the Russian Federation

are called The cars most stolen in the Russian Federation
During 2009 in the Russian Federation stole 33 тыщи 128 cars. On comparison with last year the number of stealings decreased for 9 %. The Internet edition reports on it referring to statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The most popular car thieves had Lada brand cars — in a year was are stolen 11 тыщ 262 such cars. Follow (4208 stealings), Mitsubisha (1779), Honda (1722), and Mazda (1401) further. Favourites in the middle of bonus brands of steel of BMW (736 stealings) and Lexus (712 stealings). Last year one Rolls-Royce Phantom car was also stolen.

The statistics testifies that the cars which have descended from an assembly stream of "AvtoVAZ" became the most hijacked models in 2009 also: Lada 2114 (1621 car), Lada 2106 (1308 cars) and Lada 2112 (1128 cars). More popular at thieves in the middle of import cars of steel of Mitsubisha Lantser, Toyeta Korolla and Mazda3.

In Moscow Mazda3 entered into the first five on stealings, Honda Tsivik, Toyeta Korolla and Toyeta Camry of Mitsubisha Lantser. Lada 2114 takes only the sixth place in this list.

In St. Petersburg the five of favourites on number of stealings looks slightly on another: Mitsubisha Lantser, Ford Focus, Mazda6, Toyeta of Land Cruiser, also Mazda3.

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