On a South Korean car the market

are withdrawn 30 тыщ pickups of Korando Sports On a South Korean car the market
The SsangYong company because of a lack of a box withdrew from a network of sales 30 тыщ Korando Sports, in motor shows of the Russian Federation the car is known, as Actyon Sports, and Korando Turismo which are on sale on Russian car market, as Stavic.

At these cars excessive sensitivity of the check point selector was found. At insignificant, even casual, pressure upon the handle, it moves from lay situation. Transfer can include this significant defect of the check point selector, and the car will start moving.

It is withdrawn 26 тыщ by 151 Korando Sports, are made from January 3, 2012 to May 24, 2013 and 3 тыщи 662 Korando Turismo which have been let out since February 1 and on May 14, 2013.

All necessary technical works on elimination of this shortcoming will be gratuitously carried out in any dealer centre SsangYong. Motorists can address with discrepancy in the dealer centres since January 30, 2013.

In the Russian Federation SsangYong Actyon Sports it is offered to buyers with a full drive and a two-litre diesel cursor in 149 hp. A box at a car 6 step, "mechanics" or "machine gun" of the same range. Cost of a pickup it is dependent on a complete set makes from 909 000 to 1 199 000 rubles.

SsangYong Stavic minivan in motor shows of the Russian Federation is offered with a full drive, a 149-strong diesel engine and the 6th step box "machine gun". Cost of this model – from 1 209 000 to 1 429 000 rubles.

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