Nissan – the best choice

Nissan – the best choice
Look for a compromise between stylishness and comfort? Wish to find out, what that spacious dynamism? Even the most exacting drivers remain are happy, having got the refreshed model of the car«
Almer Klassik’s Nissan
» – elegant, picturesque, magnificently easy model of the 2012th year. Such car not only only differs delightful technical and running lines and combines with them convenience and reliability.

If you ventured to get Almer’s Nissan of this version, it means. That you – very exacting to external shape of the car the motorist. Designers put all the abilities and forces in external shape of the car. From the first look the car entices attention a visible brilliant radiatorny lattice and very unique face-to-face lamps enough huge sizes. The car to a descent makes reminiscence of the productive, brisk car with which no distances are terrible.

As to equipment of a new car, for such cost it even a little strikes with the wide abilities. In latest "Almera’s" basic complete set – absolute reasonableness of salon, here you will find a wheel with existence of the hydraulic booster, also comfortable possibility to regulate on a tilt angle. Besides, in the car the luggage salon is highlighted, in the central console coasters are placed, and the area of a glazing is essentially increased. For placement of various individual road trifles there is a big laid up places for storage.

In additional complete sets in "Almera" other surprises are prepared: equipment by back electronic window regulators, the central lock with possibility of remote control, also кондюк and even heating of seats. Designers took care and of safety system, not including that, the driver even in a stalemate will keep possibility to operate the car.

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