Ford Focus 3 – the favourite of sales in the Russian Federation

Ford Focus 3 - the favourite of sales in the Russian Federation
The car Ford can be called Focus the well-known: the worthy rideable properties, traditional design, fine quality of the performance, available cost turned model into the favourite of sales in the middle of import cars.
Purchase Ford Focus 3: car market legend
Whether will manage to pass new generation of cars Ford Focus a way of own predecessor, having become one of best-sellers of a car of the Russian Federation market? At a novelty Ford Focus 3 everything that for this purpose is necessary, is. If at all so long ago Ford Focus for America and Europe had the car absolutely various properties, from this point sharing between the markets is cancelled. To get Ford Focus 3 with eighty percentage unification of details now it is possible in 120 countries of the world. The car developed in Europe has differences only in furnish of salon and complete sets. By the end of 2012 the auto giant plans to make sale to 2 million "Focuses" of times a year.
The design of a new car Ford Focus is recognizable as before. Only certain details were improved: the cowl became relyefny, the optics has a smooth facet, the face-to-face bumper now became powerful and exhales a rage, back dimensions a little replaced a dislocation place, having spread from racks on wings simple blots. The car salon, unlike external design, endured categorical configurations. Once the ascetic interior, was now replaced by a modernist style modern. The forward panel flowing in a covering of doors, has difficult sides, the audiosystem of Sony is trimmed by plastic of unusual flowers, in the centre of the dashboard the screen of the route computer is built in, differing possibility at once to show all indications and good graphics.
Car purchase on credit in a motor show of Sky-Motors
In a motor show of Sky-Motors to get the car on credit at the car owner will not take a lot of time: it is necessary to have at for itself the driver’s licence and the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. After rather short procedure of design of purchase, workers of a motor show register the hardware in traffic police, on it, the client becomes the owner of the car, with the checkup coupon, all necessary documents and number symbols, without any troubles.

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