Description of Vоlkswagen Golf VII

Description of Vоlkswagen Golf VII
Vоlkswagen Golf – one of cars of the German automaker AG Volkswagen. The Golf model taking an honourable 3rd place among the most favourable cars around the world, is recognised as one of the most successful cars of the Volkswagen brand. From 2007 for 2011 more than 20 million cars were realised, in the Country of a rising sun of Golf became the double car of year in 2004 and 2005.
The history of production of the first Golf car began on the American earth in otdalyoky 1974, for more than 30 summer experience the design and comfort of a car достигнули own perfection and were expressed in model of the last generation of the Vоlkswagen Golf VII car. At first September, 2012 in the capital of Germany it was for the first time shown to light of Golf of the seventh generation. In registration the Golf 7 salon continued to connect motive of severity and gravity of style of the car. The salon, certainly, serves as a bright example of ergonomics and multifunctionality, it has devices of elegant and information temper, бортовик and the central console developed towards the driver, also comfortable sitting of a face-to-face row which own the correct profile and lateral support.
Three complete sets of the Vоlkswagen Golf 7 car: «Trendline», to "Comfortline" and «Highline» suit to taste even to the most exacting motorist.
Basic assembly of Trendline consists from: 5,8-inch colour touch monitors of the panel of devices, кондюка, systems of start of the motor and a power rekuperatsiya of braking, 7 safety cushions, electric "bench hammer", an electropackage, blocking of mezhdukolesny differential, wheels with the disks "R15", adaptive cruise control, the electromechanical amplifier of the managing director of management, the samoparkovshchik function, the PreCrash special complex (preventive safety), adaptive shock-absorbers, the monitoring system of a condition of the driver of "Driver Alert System" and many other systems and the technical devices created for comfortable and harmless driving. Volkswagen Golf has 5 petrol and to pair of diesel cursors that gives it huge power and the highest high-speed properties. Official car – Vоlkswagen Golf of the 7th mass realisation for the present did not receive, in Germany its price makes 16975 euros for Trendline complete set. With the car price in the Russian Federation management Volkswagen was not caused yet. Volkswagen with run "straight" from Germany will be one of the most optimum and obmyslenny decisions now for Russian car owners.

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