Car market of the Russian Federation: forecasts for 2013

Car market of the Russian Federation: forecasts for 2013
Last year Russian of a car the market grew by nearly 11 %, having become the sixth on a planetka. At all this the sales level in a year eclipsed level of pre-crisis 2008th year for 0,6 %.

These data a few days ago were placed during conference for advertisers and analysts during which on a database of the last years predicted rates of development of a car market of the country on 2013 and the next years. According to Avtostat agency if before crisis average cost of the sold car made 22300 dollars of the USA, data of the last year appeared higher exactly on 4 тыщи. The number of autodealers – practically on 800 grew up also.

The Citroen model с5 will absolutely precisely rise in price also – as well as other standards of a model range of the French company which this year will sell to Russians the cars on one-three percent more expensively, thus it will depend on a certain model. Retail price of certain models already increased on the average to 17 тыщ rubles.

Let’s remind, starting cost С5 made least 700 тыщ rubles, for this dimensional car intended including already and for a business class, few years back put cost from 689 тыщ. This model was received by various categories of car owners. In the middle of them were both true fans of the French brand, and fans of a certain class of cars which treats С5. As the model managed to become a decisive step forward, it opened new prospects for the producer.

This year, except the fallen in love C5 Citroen model, Russians will see also an economical novelty from the French producer – S-Elysee, its initial price will reach nearly 456 тыщ rubles.

Specialists consider that the quantity of the new cars of the credits taken on purchase this year will reach about 1,1 million, and on old – more than 220 тыщ. As a whole demand for old cars now prevails, but is not excluded that dynamics of the market will exchange.

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