Brigdestone – an action upon purchase of tyres

Brigdestone – an action upon purchase of tyres
Winter on the ending? It is time to reflect on how very profitably and successfully to change winter rubber for summer tyres. If you are going to get the whole set for own car, during this season you more than ever will accept high-quality production from the known producer of Bridgestone.

Our action on summer tyres from Bridzhstoun this spring let’s to you brilliant possibility win one of the main prizes, having only registered on our website. And purchase of a summer set from 4 tyres the machine gun guarantees you a pleasant gift.

Vobshchem, you will give for yourselves a gift for the summer, having already bought tyres of the Japanese producer of "Bridgestone" because they absolutely are suitable for operation on our roads. At all this the brand is presented by tyres actually for all types of cars. They high-quality and normally reliable because new production technologies stabilise properties of applied rubber structures for all term of use. And it makes neither a little nor many 5 years – before limiting wear process! The date of issue of your tyres consists of four figures, the 1st two of them correspond to number of the week, two last – year of production.

Pluses of tyres Bridgestone – stability before damages, including on боковине. The design «1 Sar» fixes the centre of their tyres. Even if the puncture also will occur, the car with such tyres will not lose maneuverability, including – on the damp road. Such tyres the best sketch of a protector fixes on a wettish paving – in it there are special flutes for water which give to this production beautiful characteristics on driving in such criteria. And the chemical formula of a rubber consistence gives the greatest coupling with a roadbed – polyethylene-tereftalat (RET) comes into it. The strengthened framework of such tyres does them to one of the most favourite brands, including in the middle of fans of an auto racing.

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