AvtoVAZ expands the list of complete sets of Lada Priora Coupe

AvtoVAZ expands the list of complete sets of Lada Priora Coupe
The price of 2 new updatings of the 3rd door hatchback decreased, and the most available complete set will cost 380 000 rubles.

In motor shows in 2013 Lada Priora Coupe exclusively in the best version was represented. Now producers offer a car in the 3rd updatings: "standard", "norm" and "sports".

Updating "standard" and "norm" are equipped with a cursor in capacity of 98 horsepowers. Updating "sports" has capacity of the motor of 106 horsepowers. Both options of the motor are equipped with mechanical transmission of transfers.

The car of basic updating "standard" includes safety cushions, lokotnik between face-to-face seats, the onboard computer, a column regulated the managing director, the alarm system of a cowl and a door of a back and 14-inch rims. The price of a basic complete set – 380 000 rubles.

ABS+BAS are included in a complete set "norm", heating of face-to-face seats, EUR, climate control and a parktronik in addition. The car price – 433 000 rubles.

The complete set "sports" is added with fog lights, the electric drive and heating of external mirrors and a windscreen, the rain sensor, a spoiler, unique bumpers of sports style and 14-inch cast disks.

The delivery date of new Lada Priora Coupe to official representatives while is unknown.

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