Avtoshina.ru – a sink for though what car

Avtoshina.ru – a sink for though what car

If to you not all the same as your car looks, – the sankt-peterburzhsky company "Avtoshina.ru" offers you that is necessary for high-quality service. Here you not only only can get wheel tyres suitable for your car and disks, not only only to choose devices or to get oil for the car and to bring it into a solid look for capital transport.

Together with opening of firm tyre hypermarket from this company in St. Petersburg the automatic two-portal sink earned also. The company arranged it in a service mall Lensovetsky Petromaster Group.

This company which invites owners of automobile cars to test quality of services in a car wash by own car. This service is simple for finding to the address of popular shopping centre, and having once used its services, you to a descent estimate real professionalism and quality profile the specialist of equipment.

The company sink Avtoshina.ru guarantees quality of service thanks to that:

·? There are comfortable washing modern portals;

·? The manual equipment of the highest pressure of production of the known company "Karcher" works at a sink;

·? In work the best chemical structures from leading company – the producer of auto chemical goods of "Wurth" are used;

·? Here it is possible to arrive on the car though what dimension;

·?? The most experienced, specially trained personnel works at a sink;

·?? Prompt and at once the high-quality portal sink here becomes.

Not including that, usually for this company the successful system of discounts for work with corporate clients here is provided, here it is possible to sign the long contract on invariable professional service of your car.

On the company website you can find contacts for this purpose to register in turn in a sink by special phone – clients here always much therefore it is better not to spend time on usual and to arrive in due time. Then the wash of the car becomes truly quick.

But the automobile sink works in this company from 9 to 9 – in the evening and at night services in a cargo sink will be rendered you.

Here additional services in car reduction in an order are rendered also. In coordination with the price which has been laid out on a separate page of the website "Avtoshina", these services share on 5 categories. In coordination with it payment changes also. It is a sink of a body and a technological sink, processing by special watery wax and degreasing, removal of the individual and trudnovyvodimy remained spots, processing of brilliant surfaces and plastic parts, salon cleaning (here use the vacuum cleaner) and a luggage carrier.

From within, if it is necessary, in your car will clean glasses, will wash up rubber rugs, will process a special cleaner conditioner of plasticity, a Torpedo, leather sitting.

On a sink clear rims, fix silicone a sealant of doors and a luggage carrier, process locks, will protect outer side of glasses and a mirror structure "anti-rain", here greatly will wash up motor department, the bottoms, arches and wheels.

At special cost, irrespective of a class of your car, here will carry out a luxury range sink. It includes a full manual sink and if it is necessary, body degreasing, processing by the humidified polyrole, cleaning (outside and from within) disks, removal of all грязищи from salon, washing and an osushka of carpets, cherneny rubbers, cleaning of salon of a luggage carrier. Also here will clear plastic, will clean glasses from all sides, will blow the hidden body cavities from all sides, will dry the car by means of a special fabric which keeps whole a paint and varnish layer.

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