Are not lazy to find out online tickets of traffic regulations 2014

Are not lazy to find out online tickets of traffic regulations 2014
The statistics testifies that the most part of drivers so or on another having got the driver’s licence, forever запамятывают that the knowledge of the theory need to be updated povsevremenno. At all this unfair drivers somehow lose sight that this theoretical base is thus updated with an enviable regularity. Certainly, it is possible to get acquainted with changes of the set of rules of DD in practice, by means of explanations of road inspection, but it leaves very expensive for the budget.

What not to be lazy to find out online tickets of traffic regulations 2014, it is necessary to see at the same time the last statistics of failures on Russian roads. Every year at us are injured or more than seventy two-hundred тыщ the person perish! Such makary, once a year we lose the whole city of vsepolnotsenny, healthy people, receiving instead of victims or disabled people: after all after a severe trauma of people quite quite often it is not restored any more to former level.

The next terrible fact – for the last seven years drivers were involved in death of nearly eight тыщ kids age till 16 years. This did not sit down at a wheel … and were injured for this period of more than 166 тыщ minors. As a whole demographic harm for the reporting period (data for 2004-2010 are provided) made more than half a million people. It more than twice surpasses a total number of the Russians working in ground area.

Naturally, the most part of failures (about 70 percent) occur on the district big or small occupied пт. In such incidents more than 40 percent perish, get traumas and wounds more than 60 percent from total number of victims.

While in 75 percent of cases in an event drivers are guilty, in innumerable road accidents with pedestrians (and it is more than a third of all incidents on roads) any 3rd victim perishes.

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