Advantages and defects of leasing

Advantages and defects of leasing
Monetary leasing yet so was long since not so popular. The system of rent of the car with the right of repayment always was unclear. The car is got by the leasing company and becomes its property, and the client uses it, paying in an extent of 3 5 years leasing payments. After introduction of the last payment the lizingopoluchatel has full authority to buy the car on the residual price. Car purchase on credit looks more transparent because the car to a descent is made out on the borrower, becoming his property, but is in pledge of the bank before complete repayment of credit debt.
But leasing confused seems only on the 1st look. After all in it there are many advantages to the individual, however, defects too suffices. Soon by certain companies express leasing aaplets at which the certificate of the income is not required began to be offered. Rates decreased also. Approximately year before rent of the off-road vehicle would cost 19-22 % year, for this day it makes 14-22 %. However, авктокредиты at present also stand out under 15-17 % year. But leasing has nevertheless the next trump – the leasing companies can adhere payments to currency unlike banks. In other words, to pay rent it is necessary all the same in the state currency, but at the rate of the market, rates in currency are much lower (9-10 %). Also leasing companies increased financing term. Earlier the car in rent stood out for 3 years, and at present stands out for 5 years.
Lizingopoluchatel has full authority in rent to choose though what car, and not just only on what the leasing company shows. Almost always lessors prefer to co-operate with those who wishes to get the latest car, instead of supported. But on brands of restrictions is not present. Aaplets of autocrediting of banks is, in the main thing, partner aaplets on which it is possible to get only certain make of the car and in a certain salon. At registration of the leasing contract the client is not engaged in registration of the car, all duties on itself are taken by the leasing company. Besides, leasing payments comprise not only only payment of percent of the company, but also and payment of an insurance, service, Pension collecting and a vehicle tax. These expenses are stretched for the leasing contract, and at registration of the autocredit of an insurance and collecting in treasury is paid separately.
Thanks to this scheme of leasing payments, expenses of a lizingopoluchatel on an initial step go down on 1-1,5 тыщи dollars. It is very profitable, because the initial contribution on leasing makes 15-25 % of the price of the car. Initial contributions on autocrediting and leasing often coincide, as well as contract term. Only certain banks now decide to give out the credits with zero advance payment. If after rent of the off-road vehicle occurred, and the car gets to road accident, all administration of insured events is conducted by the leasing company. It very much is interested in it, so the car is its property before final settlement under the contract. The car is under repair at all this even before receiving insurance payment that eliminates the client from collecting of different pieces of paper for knocking-out from the insurer of means. Round-the-clock technical support, the wrecker and temporary substitution of the car, in case of malfunction of the first also is provided to the client. The bank cannot give all these advantages to own client.
The main risk of leasing of cars is possibility of loss of the car and the brought payments that can occur if the lizingopoluchatel does not manage to master payment of rent of the car. The payment delay for a month already guarantees difficulties.

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