Mazda 6

presented to Russians the latest Mazda 6
This year in Europe the 1st presentation of the car Mazda 6 came true. It lasted only 1,5 hours. For this period of time journalists managed to familiarise with technical features of the latest model, and its distinction from the last. Soon a new car presented and in the Russian Federation. Audiences were presented to a car with 1,8-litre and 2-litre cursors in capacity of 147 and 120 hp, also new unit having 2,5-litre volume. To the basic motor with the minimum engine capacity pyatistupny "mechanics", is applied to a brand new 2,5-litre cursor – 6-step "handle". the 2-litre cursor can be equipped with five-band "machine gun" or shestistupny "mechanics".
Car dimensions a little increased: 4735х1795х1440 mm, with wheel base – 2725 mm.
The external design connects воединыжды solidity, dynamics and sports lines. The harmony of a look is underlined the smooth line of a roof, face-to-face wings with vyshtampovka under wheel arches, a relief back part, light-emitting diode lamps. Interior design supports the general concept of model. Grace of the face-to-face panel mixes up with clearness of lines of a door covering. Amber-red illumination allocates the dashboard on a blue background. On a multifunctional operating wheel of the sports style sheathed by skin, we contemplate more 10 buttons. By means of them all systems of a car cope actually. Own functionality the model owes CF-Net system («A network of being crossed functions»). She allows to co-ordinate collaboration of all electric systems that essentially increases functionality of an operating wheel of the latest Mazda 6.
In new face-to-face seats there are all necessary adjustments, mechanical or electronic – is in dependence from a complete set. Passengers can feel with comfort on a back sofa with a lokotnik.
The brand new model differs the biggest luggage carrier in a class – 519 l. Its advantage also in low loading height.
The list of equipment of the car extended. Now it can повытрепываться the latest system climate – control with separate adjustments for the driver as well for the passenger of a seat face-to-face, bi-xenon head optics, also the electroamplifier of the managing director of the management, replaced hydraulic. The platform remained actually constant, without considering options of face-to-face shock-absorbers. In a back suspension bracket of a spring adopted almost vertical provision, on it smoothness of a course and uniformity of movement should raise.
Developers at last managed to master the general defect of last Mazda models – insufficient sound insulation. The car measuredly moves on a direct way, practically without demanding managing directors of adjustments. Lack of a cross-section swing, smooth turns do a trip even more comfortably. At drifts to the aid of the motorist the stabilisation system comes. Representatives of the Mazda company consider that at car owners of Russian the car with pyatistupny "mechanics", volume of the motor of 2 l will use great demand, at capacity – 147 l. That set completely will be suitable for movement on the small town. To adherents of high-speed driving it is better тормознуть on the brand new 2,5-engine litre with a 6-step box.
Brand new Mazda 6 is available in the 4th complete sets. In basic Direct the motor having volume equal 1,8 litres is provided., 16-inch disks, pyatistupny "mechanics", кондюк and an audiosystem with 4 columns. In the running Luxury version there is also Bose audiosystem, a leather covering of salon, climate control for 2 zones, electroadjustment of seats, a sports weather-cloth and 18-inch disks.

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