FAW Vita – the Chinese Toyota

FAW Vita - the Chinese Toyota
The Chinese production stably associates with lack of any property in it, if it not a world brand. As to cars from China – people, обжегшись on milk, not so blow on water, and it became the cause for departure of small producers from our market, and big, such as FAW – remained. The FAW company – the favourite in the Chinese motor industry, her partners are such big players as Volkswagen, Toyeta Motor Corporation and other companies. FAW Vita car creation, and now sale of FAW was result of rather small cooperation with Toyeta is supported with a world strongest Japanese brand.
FAW has an immense product line – from minicars to large-capacity cars. For today the structure of FAW includes 30 "daughters", at all this creation and realisation are concentrated not only only to domestic market of China and on the international arena – long since and successfully. Under the slogan saying "To each Chinese family – on the car" FAW sale on all Chinese region is carried out. More than 124 thousand employees work at plants of this company. As to the Vita car – the main knots and units at a car – licence, made on technological base Toyeta. The rest – absolutely development of FAW. Car dimensions – 3855x1680x1500, an internal combustion engine 1,3 m3, 92 h.p., a pyatistupny Box the machine gun, the greatest speed of 172 km/h, rivals – Getz, Lada Kalina.
Outside everything looks very much fashionably. Truly depicted wheel arches and structure of a radiatorny lattice in the form of honeycombs which appropriate models a brisk, sports view. Snutri also everything is modern – an upholstery of seats of 2 flowers, the plastic forward panel myagenky, inserts – dural. If neposlushlivy children’s fingers got to a zone of closing of lateral glass – the clever electric drive here brakes a course of glass and is sensitive lowers it. One safety cushion unpleasantly strikes, but it is a basic complete set which structure includes systems of Abs and EBD, a colouring a metallic, cast disks, кондюк, the hydraulic booster – analogues such offer in the market simply is not present. The Japanese base says for itself – Vita even very well goes. The cursor in 1,35 l, got from Toyeta allocates the car with playfulness. Suddenly the highest rotating moment allows to use a box less often, than at similar similar cars. Thanks to that a drive hummock, the lever of the coulisse does not vibrate. But special admiration avtoindent.ru the suspension bracket which in Vita represents the best ratio between comfort and maneuverability deserved. And even the car passes very opposite cambers, like clockwork. At full loading the road clearance is equal 125 mm that will allow without efforts to reach to giving, with a family and bags. Well and not so expensively there is a trip – thanks to Japanese technologies a consumption of fuel at Vita very economic.
In respect of driving is the diligent car which behaviour is easy for predicting. 5 points for a suspension bracket and a cursor. Badly that extremely diligent hydraulic booster let’s take place turnaround communication.
The salon spacious, well executed, only smells as plastic unpleasantly, but we will assign that it will disappear eventually. Comfortable sitting, excellent sound insulation. A minus – weak кондюк. It is not enough one safety cushion. But for basic level equipment by safety systems the completely sufficient.
The general reminiscence from the FAW Vita car – excellent cost, the elegant exterior, the rich basic complete set, the most powerful cursor and priyemisty brakes do it very nice.

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