The visualised system with TSA function from the company of Subaru

The visualised system with TSA function from the company of Subaru
In January, 2013 the presentation of the latest visualised system from Subaru company starts. The essence of this system will consist in the subsequent: on the outer side of a car of rear-view mirrors three-dimensional chambers by means of which the car will distinguish the obstacle which has arisen before a vehicle will be placed and to state an assessment to distance to this obstacle. This system will equip Outback and Legacy Subaru cars. If this system distinguishes danger, for example, at once braked car directly before your "nose", it starts to influence brake and throttle systems not to allow a road accident after which the ill-fated driver will rush about in search of auto parts on Subaru. Three-dimensional chambers were put in mirrors back not with is ordinary: in case of car collision with what or a foreign subject they will not be spoilt or broken.

Perhaps, it only hearings which are dismissed by Subaru … or, can be attempt of concealment something more intriguing? And can be and is not present.

Well and it is now serious. Not so long since Subaru declared that the visual system will be equipped with the special software under TSA title. According to Subaru, «this software will obtain data which were scanned by visual system and in case TSA, in moving object, distinguishes the person, the clever computer will withdraw the car from collision.». On how many it will be possible to trust a computer and on what aspects to state an assessment to his behaviour on the road it will be possible to find out only, after publication of results of testing of this software. We believe that the system at detection of the pedestrian and inevitability of collision, will simply throw out the foot safety cushions located in a bumper of the car or under a cowl. It seems to us, to give reins of government to "clever system of the car" it very much.

Whether this information, or only a joke from Subaru company is truthful, we learn a little bit later.

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