Tuning of KIA

Tuning of KIA
Car the Kia company in Russian market to advise or represent there is no need: these cars already proved. The company provides actually any inquiries and tastes of consumers, being presented by a wide number of various models of a car. Though running properties of these cars are guaranteed, the impellent unit, for example, it is possible to improve by means of special tuning of chips of the German production.

That tuning of Kia cars increases capacity of a course of the car and perfectly saves up applied fuel. It occurs according to the subsequent scheme: though what producer, offering cursors, defines their minimum and at most a capacities. It is specified at all this the best level. Tuning chips take a reserve of capacity of the motor, put by the producer, and is perceptible increase it – from time to time practically on the third part!

For example, when tuning of «Sorento I» from «Kia» the gain of capacity goes with 140 to the 182nd h.p. The used chip increases rotating moment to 25-26 percent.

The similar chip tuning for cursors of cars of this brand has a number of advantages – for example, users simplicity and speed of installation with instant adaptation to a machine design, possibility of independent adjustment, excellent comparability with though what types of a box will intrigue, water stability and the strong case of the chip.

Ordering the chip – tuning of Kia cars, you can be convinced that such microprograms approach on the most part of cars, both on petrol, and on diesel impellent units. Usually producers of this production perfectly inspect the microprograms in real criteria before offering them for tuning. Insertions of that sort can be executed in several options of various performance – brisk models, economical, equilibrium, sport models, options under "Euro-2" standard.

Equilibrium insertions foresee optimised dynamics, failure elimination at dispersal, expansion of a working range by means of growth of the rotating moment (this control include for low-volume cursors) and fall of its peak to least highest turns.

If offered on a choice options of an insertion do not approach under your requirements, by means of the professional programmer it is possible to prepare personal option suitable under your car.

Usually, the chip tuning for Kia cars make via the special diagnostic socket, without a snimaniye of the electric control unit from the car. After the termination the chip tuning your car will better respond to a signal from an accelerator pedal, to have the strengthened pickup from bottoms, surer draught at all working ranges of turns, the car will work more stably at different modes.

In a mode included кондюка it will stop to be felt and a certain shortage of capacity. This indicator, as well as the others, is reached thanks to professional optimisation of options of microprograms of the electric control unit. At all this the consumption of fuel or remains at the same level, or voobshchy will decrease, and the resource of the motor will not suffer.

Not including that, tuning foresees also possibility of program shutdown of mistakes by throughput efficiency of the catalyst, on work a lambda probes, efficiency of the EGR valve (A retsirkulyatsiya of gases fulfilled), also some other configurations.

At all this it is necessary to look, that identifiers of an insertion of the electric control unit, basic in warranty service and available to reading, were not mentioned. Such makary. Your car will not lose warranty service.

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