Hybrid cars from Renault

Hybrid cars from Renault
The popular company on production of cars of Renault officially declared that will make base of its future activity. The managing director of the department which is responsible for development, told that in the 2020th year will be already let out and will enter the car market with hybrid motors.

At present the autocompany works on creation to a descent of several power hybrid units into which number the charged version comes. Means that this version will manage to be charged from usual power supply networks. It is supposed that such model will work both from the power supply network, and at diesel fuel. For all this development of the European Commission company allocated the whole 20,5 million euros. Most likely, such generosity is proved by aaplet development on reduction of emissions in the atmosphere of harmful emissions. On view of professionals, Initiale Paris hybrid penalties becomes the very first car of this type. It has everything chances for this purpose. Let’s remind that the premiere of the car took place in September in Frankfurt on a car to an exhibition.

It is pleasant that the company is not necessary on one place and povsevremenno amuses own esteemed admirers new products. Not so long since on Russian markets there was a model, completely capable to surpass by all the loved Renault Logan. After certain positive configurations which were brought in model, Russians at last beheld refreshed Koleos which is now provided with the power massive unit with volume in the whole two litres and working now on diesel fuel.

The refreshed model absolutely precisely will be pleasant to Russian public as cost of the car did not exchange. Since then, as Koleos was presented in 2012 in South America, he received multimedia firm R-Link system, the chamber for the back review. As to a face-to-face part of the car so it voobshchy actually absolutely was it is altered. And that the most pleasant, from this point the owner can get to car salon even without keys.

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