Tickets of traffic regulations 2014 will include obligation of winter tyres?

Tickets of traffic regulations 2014 will include obligation of winter tyres?
Skilled road builders frankly deride appeals of those who printsipno does not change summer rubber on autowheels, to experience of driving of Russian times. Yes, it is still sensitive more than 20 years ago, before emergence of "Snowflake", special winter tyres truly were not … but only and cars was time in 6 less, than at present, and went by speeds which at present walk in "nurseries". With modern cars, and the it is more with drivers who are inclined to surpass speed, without winter rubber on wheels of cars to say simply there is nothing already when the temperature falls to + 5 S.Ne the material of summer tyres is calculated on coupling with a cool covering, it is the fact of chemical research works and sad experience at once.

It is logical that the question of legislative introduction of neotklonimy change of tyres on winter even before coming of serious colds all is more active дискуссируется in parliamentary structures. It is not excluded that tickets of traffic regulations 2014 will be already aimed at indispensable introduction of winter rubber.

Perhaps, what to remove summer tyres legislators will oblige this winter, since January first of the 2014th year. The respective bill offered in Council of Federation committee on the organisation and regulations of activity of parliamentarians.

In the bill, which else should pass all slushatelny procedures, and it will be submitted for plenary sessions only later, winter time defined the period from December to February inclusive, but is not excluded that for certain regions a temporary framework will be others.

The bill foresees completely logical penalty in 5 thousand roubles for those who ignores need of use of special rubber for colds. Approximately in such sum timely voluntary change of summer rubber with the winter will manage. But the penalty completely can be and other sizes. Besides, probably, it is necessary to reconsider traffic regulations.

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