In sector of sedans class business again appeared BMW

In sector of sedans class business again appeared BMW
Seven years the line of Bmv7 was not updated. Rivals, as well as before, S-classa Audi A8, Mercedes-benz are. In design of the latest model the semerok is not enough updatings. Design novelties treat: in zones of wheel arches there are the roughnesses, the extended form of the car, a new type of the back part, increased in the size and more equal radiatorny lattice of "BMW" between biksenonovy lamps.
The brutal external shape of the car obviously distinguishes it from the previous model, and sports style changed a car. Revolutionary decisions in design of the last generation are not present, designers decided to adhere to "golden mean". The most perceptible distinction from the predecessor is the unique light-emitting diode back optics.
The interior of the latest series very much exchanged. Except the increased 10.2-inch screen and a new control unit of iDrive, it is possible to set keys (on the central console) points of a navigation orientation and quite often elected radio stations. For the first time owners of "BMW" can take pleasure in the colour screen with the highest permission and the latest Black Pane technology, placed on an instrument guard, and passengers on back seats, eventually, can use ventilation and the function of massage integrated into a back of a chair. The lever of a box is placed on the central console. In total cars of BMW of 7 series give opportunity of installation of the holographic Head-up monitor displaying data on a windscreen and warning about excess of speed, about coming nearer high-speed restriction. In the case of a rear-view mirror the chamber which distinguishes road signs is mounted and reports on restriction of speed. Such system for the first time in the world is available on the production car.
New BMW 7 it is provided with Lane Change Warning system it is capable to warn the driver when the car without a signal of a povorotnik crosses the road line, detectors scan «blind zones» therefore the driver will be always in a course about the coming nearer car at distance of 60 metres from all sides of the car. Also there is a possibility for installation of the chamber of the lateral review, and two chambers which have settled down in a face-to-face bumper will give fuller picture about criteria of movement, having shown the current situation on the iDrive screen. Such function gives the chance to the driver to overcome badly looked through and partly hidden intersections to be entered in very narrow arches, drives and gate, or to leave from a parking at all this to feel surely. Except night vision the system distinguishes pedestrians.
In the last the generation of BMW of 7 series is used development of DDD (Drive Dynamic Control) into which the standard Variable Damping Control function (VDC) by means of which springs are regulated comes. And many other function cannot be met in any other car. After release of the seventh series for all line of "BMW" there is standard an introduction of the latest EfficientDynamics technology which promotes reduction of a consumption of fuel.

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